What's glowing on?

September 07, 2018

What's glowing on?

Welcome to the Good to Glow Blog

Dip behind the scene of our Las Vegas workshop for tips, insight, news and tutorials.  Learn more about our process and the artist behind Good To Glow - Ronnie Brust.  


Burning Man 2018 Video I made kinda went viral, with over 74,000 views the first week, it's my most viewed video to date!  (maybe this image of my friend Berlynn's butt helped?) Although you won't see doesn't much of our products it's a fun take on my 14th year in a row.  Hope you enjoy! :) 


 Post Playa Clean-up

 If you've recently returned from Black Rock City you know how invasive that tan alkaline dust can be!  You can use soap and water many times before an item comes clean.  Here are some simple and easy tips that will help you restore any item to its former glory.  


  • Always remove batteries when storing for long periods of time.  When left in batteries will eventually leak and/or corrode making for a messy clean up later on. 
  • Be mindful that inside your wearables are LED’s that can be damaged if crushed, bent or pulled.  Always wear and store your items safely and properly. (more on care below)
  • Remove the electronics if possible before washing your items. 
  • Ensure the electronics are 100% dry before turning on. 



  • When ever possible try and remove the lighting from your items.  Most coats have a sting of LED’s inside that can be easily removed (like our Animated Boa with removable LED Sock)
  • If the electronics are not removable wash at your risk.  Most electronics will be fine getting wet as long as they are given ample time to air dry before powering on again.
  • Remove the lighting if possible, or at least remove the batteries and or any components that can be unattached.
  • Hand wash or machine was on a delicate cycle with cold water, mild detergent and 1/2 cup of white vinegar. 
  • NEVER machine dry with heat.  Putting a faux fur coat in the dryer will destroy the coat with any heat.  Also avoid direct sunlight or high temperature places.  Let it air dry and brush the fur when done to give it back some of the original fluff. 
  • Bleach or other harsh chemicals might be ok for spot removing but can cause damage in large amounts, so be cautious when bleaching 

CLEAN HATS AND ACCESSORIES - Items that can’t be hand or machine washed can still be restored to pre-Burning Man condition.  That playa dust can really leave a lasting film that normal wiping just won’t fix... Try these steps instead! 

  • Start with compressed air and blow off the dust as much as possible.
  • Water and distilled white vinegar (1 to 5 ratio) with a towel can wipe clean most surfaces removing that pesky playa dust.  Use a clean towel with water to rinse off the surface when done.   
  • Use a spray bottle with water, vinegar and toothbrush to clean around rhinestones and other textured surfaces. 
  • To remove sticky residue use oils like Mineral Spirits of Goo-Gone.  Avoid corrosive chemicals like acetone and paint thinners, which can strip adhesives and paint causing damaged to your items. 
  • If stones or other embellishments fall off your item use a clear E6000 to glue back on.  Hot Glue, Super Glue and epoxy won’t hold up long term. 


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