"Classic" LED Crown Holographic Blue & Gold

Holographic LED Crowns

Stand out with this simple design Day and Night! Never get lost in a crowd when the sun sets. Seamless lighting that will have you glowing till the sun comes up!

**Lot's of color options to customize**

The reflective shine to this headpiece is so impressive in person. The glistening effect of this is like a diamond in the sunlight!

  • Just a few ounces in weight - Durable, lightweight and permanent construction
  • One size fits all design with elastic ties in the back
  • TINY rechargeable battery lasts a full 12+ hours on a single charge - USB charging cable included.
  • Turn On and Off while wearing
  • Seamless construction no visible wires or electronics 

100% MOOP Free Design - Ideal for Burning Man because of the zero shed factor and strong durability... Plus it lights up with the push of a button, and can be recharged so no bulky wasteful expensive batteries. You need to light up to avoid injury on the dark open playa so please illuminate with something!

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