Animated LED Boa with interchangeable covers | Light Up Scarf

The BEST Plug and Play Ready Animated LED Boa with removable cover.     

Get LIT in 2018 with our NEW Design!   

  • 100 LED's densely packed inside this soft comfy velvet scarf; each independently controlled with countless TRUE animations! Remove the LED Sock from the cover to clean or change them as often as you like!

    * NOT a string of battery powered blinking lights!

    * Want your LED products to do more than just change colors?

    100 LEDs inside a 68" soft and durable nylon SOCK.

    7 Powerful ANIMATIONS, each with 12 vibrant COLORS.

    3 Speeds for each Animation gives you countless options with a click of the button.

    Remove the LED Sock to wash the cover or replace it with any of our other options.

    Additional covers for sale HERE

If you don't have our Animated LED Boa then yours will NOT do this! 


Each LED Sock comes with Power Bank (3-4 Hours), Power Cable, White Peach Fuzz Cover and pre-programmed with OUR Animations. 

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