"Flower Power" Light Up Captains Hat | Pink / Hologram


Brand: GoodToGlow

Custom made in the USA ***ONE OF A KIND!!***

Our Captain's Hats are hand crafted and uniquely designed. Each hat gets its own combination of fabric, gems and state of the art in house light engineering.


NO visible wires or bulky battery packs everything is seamlessly tucked away so both DAY and NIGHT you are always GOOD TO GLOW.

This Pink and Multicolor Hologram captains hat is lit independently on each front flower of the centerpiece. The top Holographic fabric shimmers uniquely from every angle. 

Each hat order comes with foam inserts to ensure a perfect fit!



Medium Sized 58cm 

- Powered for 12+ hours on a single charge the ultra thin and light weight lithium-ion battery is all you will ever need! Never replace o or buy a battery again! (power cord included with every purchase)

-Hidden on / off switch and dimmer dial that can be accessed while wearing! All of our wiring is custom fit to each product and made in house to ensure it gives you the most brightness for the longest amount if time. 

- Using materials that are lightweight and durable ALL our designs are built with COMFORT, FUNCTION and AESTHETICS playing an equal roll. These are fun and comfortable to wear and built to last.

- 100% money back guarantee, 30 day warranty and a lifetime repair program.