Head Art

Black & Gold Captains Hat | Glowing LED Military Cap

The greatest festival hats ever made!

Our hats NEVER quit! As the sun goes down other hats fade into darkness but that's when ours really shine! Day & Night our Hats are Always Good To Glow

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    Size Large 59cm | Weight 23 ounces 

    Black & Gold tones with LED infused glowing centerpiece and twinkle LED around the top rim of the hat.


    + Stays Lit from Dusk till Dawn (12+ Hours)

    + Tiny built in rechargeable battery with Charging Port (24" cable included)

    + Turn ON/OFF & Adjust the brightness while wearing.

    + Seamlessly designed and constructed with no visible wires or lights.

    + 100% hand crafted by our lead designer in Las Vegas NV


     Any questions please contact us so we can help! 


    Check out the MADE TO ORDER hats; 2 weeks to ship.

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