Head Art

Illuminated Feather Side Wing Headdress - Purple and White - LED Crown

This purple and white feather side wing headdress most striking feature is the deep purple tones of the LED lighting.  Not too bright that it blinds your friends, but a dark true purple that glows various tones out of each bouncing fiber optic.  

  • Look Amazing Day... AND Night

    * Tiny Hidden Rechargeable Battery with 12+ hours on a single charge

    * You Can Click On or Off while wearing.

    * One Size fits all Hand Crafted Leather Headband

    * Seamless Lighting; NO visible wires, LED's or Batteries.

    * Charging Cable Included 24" USB to Mini

    * Foam Headpiece Stand Included; Keep is safe when NOT in use.

    * Lightweight and Durable this will last for years!

    This headdress base is raw molded leather, not a chemical-filled plastic, but natural organic material.

    The leather is hand molded and cured to shape just like it's been done for thousands of years.

    It's durable, flexible, lightweight and looks amazing.

    Each side has 12-14" long dyed rooster feathers fanned out with fiber optic fibers hidden inside the feathers.

    The front is a custom-made jewel that's illuminated by a tiny built-in rechargeable battery.

    Remember... with this amazing product... You're always good to glow!

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