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Light-Up Masquerade Mask - White

This all-white handcrafted Light-up mask has everything you need to LIGHT up your next formal masked event. This tasteful classic design that is loosely inspired by a blend of a traditional Bauta and Volto design.   

  • Warm white LED's on a wire illuminate the crown of white feathers as they rise 8-10" above the curled leather forehead. Thoughtfully placed white LED's shine down the front of the mask illuminating the facial features of this work of art.

    Using an ancient process of wet molding raw leather this is the same way artists have been constructing fine masks for countless years. This is NOT a plastic mold or cheap paper machete mask.

    The mask has been painted a pearl white with iridescent touches of cream highlight some of the raised areas of this wonder.

    It's powered by a single 5mm thick battery that will last for 6+ hours of solid use before needing a re-charge.


    * Light Weights flexible design built to last.

    * Soft breathable foam lining.

    * Made from raw material by the artist's hands.

    * Flawless design and superior craftsmanship.

    * 3.7V Lithium-Ion Battery, same as on your phone.

    * 6 Hours of solid use before needing a re-charge

    * Materials: leather, pheasant feathers, craft foam, LED, rooster feather, Illuminated, glowing, light up, ostrich feathers, peacock feathers, el wire

    * Handmade in the USA

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