Light Up LED Headdress – Fire Color Illuminated Warrior

Beautiful in daylight and Stunning at night, the Illuminated Warrior, is a hand crafted one of a kind work of art!

  • Fire Color with Gold Metallic painted base. Red and Yellow Gems and Fiber Optic Filament Illuminate this red, orange, yellow and gold headpiece.

    Stand out in a sea of gimmick LED toys with this Illuminated Work Of Art.

    * Extremely lightweight, comfortable and easy to use they are one size fits all.

    * Seamlessly designed lighting and tiny hidden rechargeable battery every 14+ hours plug it in and re-charge for a lifetime of use.

    * Push Button On/Off while wearing.

    * They look great lit up or in board daylight.

    * Lifetime repair program for any issues that should arise over time.

    *Free Foam Headdress stand included to keep it safe and secure in storage.

Light Up UV Parasol & Headpiece

The light up features of this headpiece are 100% unique to us! The glowing orbs and jewels cast light on the sides and front while the back is illuminated with glowing FIBER OPTICS that dance around like fireflies when your wearing it!

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  • Hand molded Leather base; durable, extremely lightweight and beautiful finished edges.
  • Seamlessly incorporated lighting powered by a tiny rechargeable battery that sits hidden behind the right ear. MORE than 14 hours on a single charge. (Charging Cable Included)
  • 100% made from scratch with raw materials through elaborate steps.  Unique and one of a kind these are made to be worn again and again.
  • Custom molded LED Gems and Stones cast ambient glows in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and finishes.  We can even custom design something specific JUST for you!
  • 14-16” long colorful REAL feathers fan each side with embedded with glowing filaments.
  • Fiber Optic lighting is custom made with various lengths and thicknesses to give an organic and natural look.  Each strand bounces and articulates making these a great effect when dancing around in the dark.
  • Comes with a 30 day manufacturer warranty and a lifetime maintenance and repair program.

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