L.E.D. Jewelry

The Countess | pink & purple LED necklace

Seamless, Beautiful and Functional our light up jewelry looks and feels ordinary but with a touch of the button you become the LIGHT of the party!

Ships 1-2 days from Las Vegas NV

  • ** The only necklace that allows you to control both colors independently; pink and/or purple.

    + Never buy or replace the battery - Micro rechargeable battery built in

    + Waterproof - Rain, sweat or fully submerged they are safe

    + Seamlessly infused with lighting - it look, feels and wears like an ordinary necklace till you light it up!

    + Perfectly illuminated ambient glow that turns on and off with a simple click.

    + Nickel Free metal frame.

    + Constructed in Las Vegas NV.

    The bib is 9"x7" and weighs 10 ounces

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