Glowing Bow-Top Color Changing LED Bra

Glowing LED Bow-Top with changing colors. 

  • Are you sick of seeing the same old rave bras or bras with neon wire attached to it?

    Stand out this summer festival season in Good To Glows Color Changing LED Bow-Top!

    Unlike other glowing products, we use soft flexible, and WASHABLE LEDs with NO VISIBLE WIRES OR CABLES! It glows brightly all night on a single 9V battery & cycles 21 modes of control from a slow fade of colors to strobe blink mode or even a solid color.

    The amazing glow of perfectly diffused light on a convertible underwire bra and a seamless design!

    This LED Bow-Top is amazing and will go with any style outfit from festival to formal and has the most amazing glow!

    Here are some things to consider with your new purchase:

    * One 9V battery will last a full night of use, in fact, it could last 24 hours depending on the brightness level you choose.

    * The battery holder is located behind the right side of the bow.

    * Inside the pouch is an ordinary 9V clip that plugs into your battery. (included)

    * From the battery pouch in the white ribbon and behind the bow is the tiny micro-controller.

    * The microcontroller has 3 tiny buttons that look like this: Each one has a small raised dot.

    * The large bow (15"x8") is seamlessly designed so NO visible wires or LED's are visible.

    If you don't see something you like you can request a custom order, or if you want to inquire about a bulk order please contact us to get a quote.

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