Bali Ice Queen Glowing LED Headpiece

Layers of LED and mirrored silver give this piece the appearance of an ice crown.

  • Inspired by a traditional Bali Headpiece the icicles are handcrafted with white LED's embedded into the base to give it the illumination.

    Just like all my designs everything is crafted and designed by the artist and build to last!

    The power source is a single tiny lithium ion battery behind the back crown with a simple on/off button. The battery will last 4-5 hours of solid use before needing a re-charge. Simply plug into any USB port for a lifetime of use.


    *Perfectly balanced and only 2 lbs.

    *Lightweight Foam with a ridged wire skeleton makes this durable and easy to wear.

    * Push button on/off lighting.

    * Highest quality design and construction this is built to last.

    * Handmade in the USA.

    Note that every detail of this is constructed by the artist's hands.

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