Meet The Designer & Our Story

So we have all heard of “that thing in the desert”… you know Burning Man… where people go to expand their minds, find love and peace in a temporary city? Well the story of Good To Glow is one of the thousands that may not exist without the foundation that Burning man has given to so many small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Founder and lead designer Ronnie Brust has been going to Burning Man since 2005 where he learned about the necessity of being visible at night. Ronnie was intrigued by the prospect of combining electrical engineering with artistic creativity to offer products that were at the time unavailable to purchase. The concept since the company’s inception has been to create one of a kind pieces that have integrated lighting, unique light diffusion and functional use that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

What sets our designs apart from the rest is our use of lighting. Most companies incorporate lights as an afterthought, whereas at Good To Glow we design with lighting as our central focus. Since each piece is handcrafted from 100% raw materials in our Las Vegas workshop the wiring and batteries are seamlessly integrated to be fashionable and easy to use!

While Illuminated Couture still operates as the high-end custom line, Good to Glow was born to offer the consumer a wider variety of products that would not only make sense at a festival but in everyday life. Good to Glow’s jewelry line and men’s line of pocket squares and bow ties have become a must-have for holiday parties, school dances or even just a night out on the town!

With over ten years experience in the business of LED Fashion, Good to Glow and Illuminated Couture are setting the trends and industry leaders in educating their customers on LED creation, maintenance and DIY yourself projects.