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A Luxury Couture Light Up Clothing Company

Made in Las Vegas NV by talented and passionate artists. 


Our Story

Illuminated Couture LLC, was started January of 2014 by Lead Artist and Designer Ronnie Brust. Ronnie was a passionate amateur costume designer with a knack for designing things that lit up light up.

“I remember the first time I wore the outfit out at night.  It had hundreds of feet of glowing red and white El-wire sewn to every seam, but the first thing everyone said to me was… Hey, Cool Pocket Square.” Red and White El-wire lined Tuxedo Jacket  

Here is the same Jacket Before the Red Pocket Square

The Glowing Pocket Square (GPS) idea sat shelved for almost 2 years until he was fired from a bartender job and forced to look for some quick income.

Making 20 of these Glowing Pocket Squares, Ronnie went to the local art fair and set up a tiny table in the corner of his friend's booth.  By the end of the night, he had sold all 20, and while walking through The D Casino after he was approached by management as they inquired about this new glowing product.  This conversation turned into an order for 200 units later that week, and that is how Illuminated Couture started.  

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Customer #1 First Friday Las Vegas 2014

Frankie Scintas The D Casino Las Vegas NV

The very first Glowing Pocket Square ever sold


What started off as a single concept of a Pocket Square eventually leading to the complete product line of high-end Glowing LED products and wearable items.

"Since that first order I have strived to produce the highest quality products possible.  I have surrounded myself with the best programmers, electrical engineers, seamstresses and artists I know!  I've never stopped pushing myself and continue to gain momentum with each new project.  I want to be the BEST!" - Ronnie

Good To Glow Story - As the brand grew it was decided that for marketing purposes Good To Glow was easier to remember, spell and had less characters to type.  January of 2016 Good To Glow was launched for the products while Illuminated Couture is still the custom and unique concepts. When people ask, “where did you get that?” Just tell them that you’re Good To Glow!

There is NO idea too crazy for our team of in-house artists, engineers, and designers to manifest into reality.  Learn more about our process, see past projects or get your order started. Check out our custom orders page

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Ronnie Brust


Recent Press

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Vegas Stripped Lighting Up the Fashion World (May 2016)

This is the story of how Ronnie Brust fell into Costume Design after attending his first Burning Man in 2005.

"Ronnie Brust is the brains behind Illuminated Couture, where he creates light-up clothing and head pieces with painstaking attention to detail."

By: Rachel Aston

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Insomniac : 7 Creators to follow on ETSY: (April 2016)

Las Vegas is home to Electric Daisy Caravel and Illuminated Couture/Good To Glow.  Mentioned just weeks away from EDC week in Vegas we were thrilled to see our second mention from the largest Electronic Music Festival in North America.

Insomniac 7 creators to follow on ETSY

By Deanna Rilling

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"I also met Ronnie Brust, the creator behind Illuminated Couture. The pictures don’t give the pieces justice because the LED lights can change colors and patterns and are really fun and amazing!!!"


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Las Vegas Weekly: Get Your Glow On At EDC With Illuminated Couture (June 2014)

Sharing the page with EDC founder Pasquale Rotella

Good to Glow at Las Vegas Weekly

"If you’re at Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend, keep an eye out for a glowing, feathered creature with piercing red eyes. His name is Ronnie, and he wants to dress you in light."

By: Sarah Feldberg

Photo: Christopher DeVargas

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