Animated Products

Our Animated LED settings have been designed and programed to give you 4 options of control with only 2 buttons. 


Select one of the 7 Animations and from each mode cycle 12 different colors.

Choose from 3 speed settings slow, medium and fast - Drastic difference between slow and fast.

3 brightness levels which will either save your battery life or make you glow super bright!


Locate The controller for your product which is usually close to the Good To Glow label and is usually hidden in the fabric of clothing, or with two exposed buttons on some headpieces and/or props.

  Each product has a detailed description of where to find it.


Here is what the buttons look like.


Once you locate the buttons they will become easier to find in the future.  Press one button (normal to quick tap) to change the MODE and the other to change COLOR.  Then to change your SPEED press the button for a moment longer, and once you release the cadence of the program will cycle.  To cycle BRIGHTNESS do the same slower press on the other button.  


TIP: While holding the button in the 1st LED of the strand will indicate the change speed or brightness, and once you release the button the settings will change.





LED STRIP: The LED strips are very durable and waterproof.  They are designed to take a decent amount of abuse, but here is what I can tell you about the way they are designed.


The strip of LED's can roll without issue, but when pressure is applied and/or repeat twisting and bending problems can occur. 

Twisting & Bending: This is not something that will damage the strip instantly, but combined with bending and applying pressure you will certainly damage the strip eventually.  If your boa has twisted around then hold one end up high and let the lower end twist till it's untied then roll it up. 


Waterproof: The strip itself is very waterproof and the product can get wet for hand washing, but NEVER turn anything on when it's still damp or in water. 

Also the controller and power bank are not safe to get wet to disconnect and turn everything off if it gets wet.

Normal moisture from sweat or a light rain are fine, but if the product is getting soaked for a prolonged period turn the power off and make sure the power pack stays dry.

If the item gets wet or water logged open it up as much as possible and allow ample time to dry out. 

TIP: Put a fan on it outside on a warm summer day and let the heat dry out the internal components.

NEVER put it through a machine wash and dry or expose to excessive heat to dry.

The best way is to air dry for extended periods of time and making sure all the moisture is out of the fabric and controller.