Bow-Tops Product Care


Both Animated and Color Changing are constructed from the same materials and look exactly the same. It’s the LEDs, controller, and battery that differ.

ADJUSTING: Changing the look of the bow is just fine, but be conscious of the wires and elements inside. It’s best to avoid pulling or tugging at the wires.

Adjusting the fabric and the creases is perfectly fine and advisable. Avoid pinching and tugging at the center knot as this is the main connection for all the wires and LEDs.

If the bow becomes loose or the stitching breaks it’s safe to re-attach yourself.

CONTROLLER: Both animated and color changing bow tops have a tiny controller hidden behind the right side of the bow.

In the white satin strap, look for the label and feel under the fabric for the buttons.

Animated: First plug it into the power bank. Take the cable out of the power bank box, plug the micro end into the BowTop controller. Then plug the USB into the power bank and it will turn on.

Color Changing: The three keys on the controller are found by the three raised dots.

NEVER bend or put pressure on the controller.

BATTERY: A name brand battery on any setting should last a full night’s use.

If your product is not functioning properly try replacing the battery. When the battery power drops below a certain point the controller can have issues, and the fist color to go is Blue.

Play around with the controller and learn the functions. Adjust the speed settings of each mode to create endless options.

CLEANING: Spot clean with a wet towel, mild detergent and under running water. Avoid getting the controller wet and do not submerge or machine wash.

DO NOT turn on until the product is completely dry.

Do not use heat to dry.

See more information on cleaning here