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Have a crazy costume or outfit idea and want to bring it to life? Well, look no further than Illuminated Couture, the high end custom design branch of Good To Glow. We specialize in light up costumes and clothing. Located in Las Vegas NV we design for some of the top venues on the Las Vegas Strip, world touring musical groups, celebrities and individuals who want and deserves the best!

Read more about our Custom Order Process - or contact us to get started.

Process & Inspiration

How we make it

Experts in both electrical engineering and costume design we infuse all electronics during the construction process for a seamless finish. Building from scratch us to customize anything and everything.

Our ability is only limited by your imagination!

Our designs are both functional and fashionable while being durable, comfortable, easy to use and look amazing day or night!

Our small team of talented artists, seamstresses and engineers are ready to bring your project to LIGHT! It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Use the contact form on the right to get started or continue reading to learn more!

Lighting Options

Electrical Engineering is our passion with over a decade of experience in wearable tech our past projects and accomplishments speak volumes. From glowing gowns, to full video coats, from lasers to el-wire we have done it all. We will customize anything you want!

Building complex circuitry with raw components we don’t use pre-wired strings of battery powered lights or low-quality plug and play LEDs! We are knowledgeable about ALL lighting options.

See below for some of our preferred options:

  • Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D.) - Independent components, super bright and efficient these add splashes of glowing color in tight spaces with micro-sized batteries.
  • Color Changing LED Strips 5050 (RGB) Bright, inexpensive and easy to work with. Commonly used by other designers, but with limited flexibility and larger battery requirements, we rarely use these anymore. Note: RGB strip can only do one color at a time.
  • Programmable LEDs (2811 & 2812) - Available as a strip similar to RGB these are the LED’s inclusive of full rainbow options. Microprocessors and code (arduino) are used combined with the proper wiring which power every single LED on the strip. Note: can be controlled independently.


We also make creative use of materials and elements to showcase the lighting in ways no one else can. We can pull from an extensive database of materials and experiences to solve and innovate making the illuminations a key element, not an afterthought.

Price and Schedule


We don’t have a standard rate or minimum order for custom work as it’s a case by case basis. It's simple and fast to get a price range and talk about your project. Call us M-F (10am - 7pm PT) at +1-855-345-3286 or send us an email.

  • Optional - Initial contact just to quickly consult and speak to pricing.
  • Help us understand what you want? Fill out the contact form, share images, description and budget.
  • Concept will be visualized by our artist with renderings plus a detailed list of features must be approved before the initial build.
  • Formalized quote will be sent and approved.
  • Once the quote is accepted we ask for a 50% deposit to begin the concept and the remaining balance will be due before shipping.
  • Although lighting is our speciality it’s not a requirement.
  • We excel at making large orders as well.
  • Each production timeline is unique so just contact us to learn more.
  • 30 days or longer is ideal but we can do fast turnarounds on some orders.

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