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Illuminated Couture LLC is a costume design company based out of Las Vegas, NV specializing wearable electronics and lighting.  We are a one stop shop; from concept to construction and customer service after completion.  Our clients range from large Las Vegas productions to your average person desiring something truly unique.  Click on the CUSTOM CONTACT form to get something started. 

In addition to our high-end costumes and props. We also have our “Good To Glow” products that are ready to ship and also some of our past projects we can customize to your specific taste.  

We have the ability to do large orders and short turn around times. 

Our design team is lead by Ronnie Brust, with over a decade of wearable lighting experience, he and our talented team of engineers, seamstresses, and artists, we are ready to take your next custom project into the LIGHT.

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In 2016, EDC mentioned us on their website 

as the

7 Designers to follow on ETSY



We have also been mentioned in many publications and continue to draw attention with our unique designs, attention to detail and incomparable ability to incorporate electronics and lighting into everything we make. 

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About Us


 Dancers at Marquee Las Vegas wearing our Bow-Tops


Furthermore, our products have been featured in the top Las Vegas clubs including but not limited to Marquee, Hakassan, Hyde, Tao and festivals such as Electric Daisy Caravel, Burning Man, Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle etc.
Illuminated Couture products have been sold in 20+ countries and continue to grow by the glow.




Our designs look, wear and fit like ordinary clothing.

Until illuminated and YOU become the LIGHT of the night! 


With our seamless incorporation of lighting there are NO visible wires or electronics.  NOT many design companies have the same level of experience and knowledge in BOTH fields of electrical engineering and costume design.  We design, tailor and manufacture our own designs, BUT...


We can modify and add lighting to already made things too! 

 Not all fabrics transmit lights, and sometimes it's harder to work inside something than it is to build around them.  That being said things like skirts, wedding dresses and gowns seem to work as long as they are light in color.  When you're ready to discus a project contact us by clicking the link below..


**We can do larger orders on short notice, but typically the longer notice the lower the cost.

Contact us to learn more.


 "I've never had an experience like the one I had at Electric Forest wearing a custom illuminated couture outfit. Strangers were tapping my shoulder, asking to take pictures, and complimenting me throughout the night." - Shelley N. (ESTY review) 




 Expert Tailoring - We make our own garments, but can incorporate into existing garments as well.

 Seamless designs - There are no visible wires, LED’s or cables in our garments. All electronics are embedded under the garment for comfort and style.

Functional - We care just as much about having something that’s comfortable and easy to wear as we do about the way it looks.

Lighting - Illuminated Couture carries a wide range of lighting.  From single color LED to a video display we can do it all.  When it comes to Light Up Clothing... If you're not wearing our products... You're NOT Good To Glow!

Washable, durable and repairable!

Shop with us and you're Good To Glow!

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Constructed from scratch using elaborate processes and craftsmanship

This gives us ultimate flexibility through the construction, and allows our designs to be truly unique in every aspect. Construction can take between 5 to 20 hours on most projects, and up to 70+ hours on some of the more complex ones. 

Illuminated Couture puts its reputation on the line with every item we make.  It's our mission to make QUALITY that lasts; We also believe that Function, Fashion and Comfort are each 1/3 of the design process.  It's got to be comfortable, look good, balanced and have cool features that are easy to use. 

  We offer a Warranty and Maintenance & Repair on ALL OUR WORK!  
Ronnie constructs and/or oversees every headpiece we make. 


Festival Band Hat


"The quality and craftsmanship are top notch! All the materials are sturdy and held up well at Burning Man even after a week of abuse and wear! I love this had and so did everyone else. I must have gotten 20 compliments wearing it out, and can't wait to see what he makes next!"  - Michael T., Burning Man 2015 (ETSY Review)  

You DON'T know what you want? NO worries!

Getting an order started is pretty easy, and we have hundreds of past projects and ideas to help you find the piece that speaks to you!  Click one of the links and call us or email us.   

Our Headpieces begin with a handcrafted base.

A headdress base is the foundation you add all elements of your design.  A base can anything from a hair clip to giant metal frame.  While some designer might use store bought headbands or mass produced plastic parts everything we make is from raw materials.  

These are our preferred base materials


Wet Molded Leather 

Wet molding raw leather is a lengthy and intense process that provides a sturdy and flexible base to add to.  Leather can also be shaped and curved unlike other materials, and when painted and sealed the shape is permanent. 

MOLDED LEATHER produces a lightweight, flexible and durable base: making it exceptional for dancers, performers and or anyone wearing this for long periods of time.

This video shows the construction of a LEATHER Headdress!...



Steel Wire Frame 

The exact opposite from the leather this frame provides sturdiness; optimal for heavier details and larger projects.  A wire framed Headdress can open up the design to something VERY grand. Despite the way it sounds wire frames make the finished project much lighter than you would think. 


 Wire Frames make amazing "Show Girl" quality Headpieces.

This Video Shows the detailed construction of a Wire Framed Headpiece. 




Dense Foam 

Foam constructed frames are great for COSPLAY and SCI-FI costumes and props.  Very lightweight and durable this material is great for painting, carving, laminating and combining with other materials.  It's almost tear proof and don't weather or dry out.  It's dense, but not hard so it's a great material to make helmets and armor out of. 










All the Helmets pictured here are 100% made from dense foam base.  They fit very well on the head, and the weight is next to nothing so they are VERY COMFORTABLE to wear.



























Foam can be carved, sanded and shaped giving a wide variety of possible finishes Foam is often used in Cosplay Armor because it's easy to paint.




Not all our designs are made from scratch... Sometimes we MODIFY vintage or new hats.




It's been found that some more desirable bases to build from are re-purposed institutional hats like Marching Band Hats and Military Hats.  We have also done Formal Top Hats, construction helmets, bike helmets and more... 

In summary;  We have experience with ALL types of materials and processes. 

No matter what your vision is, we can make it.... and make it awesome!

If you deserve the best... You found the best!

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Costumes & Props



Wearable works of art...

...and attachable WITH A BRIGHT SIDE!

Look if you haven't figured it out by now... We make EVERYTHING... and we do it well


let us design and/or make your next dream project! 

Props, Totems & ANYTHING that LIGHTS UP!

You have a crazy idea that you want to make reality?  We will work with you to help guide you through the design process to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. 

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We are known for our innovative designs on lighting and incorporating them into wearables.  Our team of engineers takes raw material and components and constructs everything from scratch.

We don’t use store bought Christmas lights on AA Battery packs. We use the most efficient and intelligent lighting available giving you a full nights use from a wafer thin battery before needing a Re-Charge.  

We do custom programming and write our own code.

We use proprietary components and try to give you the most amount of options available.

We can take any design idea and make it reality for you.

Blue-Tooth (LE)


Custom Coding

Master level experience in ALL types of lighting such as:

When it comes to Lighting… There is NO one better.

The Lighting & Power - Lighting and power is the star of our designs.

Illuminated Couture creates unique fiber optic bundles, glowing jewels, custom molds, and many more effects that enhance our lighting. We are continuously striving to push the envelope and develop new ideas and lighting concepts.

Our batteries and power packs are always the thinnest and lightest weight options available, usually rechargeable and with a simple push on/off switch.

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We are not really good at just one element of the design process.  We literally construct ever single element of some of our designs from the raw leather, liquid plastics to sheets of material and elaborate steps putting it all together.  Our construction process is not limited to buying store bought elements and incorporating them onto already constructed elements… No, we design EVERYTHING from scratch!

Take a look as some of our past work in these videos: (LINK to video and About Page)

Materials and Process we use:

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We are here for you after the sale.  We offer a warranty on all items, and if you damage it after the expiration we offer affordable repairs on most items and damages.

You can contact us Monday to Friday from 9am-7pm PST on our toll-free number 1-855-345-3286 or email us and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.

If you are experiencing issues please check our Trouble Shooting page for more instructions and videos to help you get the most out of your item.

We don’t want to be the biggest we just want to be the best!  With us you’re always Good To Glow!

“Ronnie went above and beyond for me when he didn't need to. I wasn't the easiest customer to deal with, but he was patient and understanding during the process. I hope I get the opportunity to buy another piece from illuminated couture within the next year.”
- Shelley B.




Unfortunately, things happen from time to time, and no matter how careful you are, mistakes happen. If an issue arises (whether it’s your fault ours) we will work with you to resolve the issue by showing you how to fix it yourself or sending back in for repairs.

In most cases, the problem can be repaired. We like to think that with quality manufacturing, great designs, and proper care things will never break, but when you're in the business of having fun sometimes you're just gonna rage a little too hard and pull that wire when you should have pushed.

Don't worry friend, that’s why we are introducing our Maintenance and Repair Program!



Well, that depends on the complexity of the order. On we need average 3-4 weeks to complete and ship. If you need it faster, just let us know.



Once you've filled in and submitted the form we will get in touch with you to discuss the details. Then we will provide a quote and an estimated time of completion.

So make sure we have your email and phone number.