Glowing Pocket Squares and Bow Ties Product Care

To turn On/Off locate the push button in the middle of the black pocket on the Square and behind the bow on the wider part of the neck strap on the Bow-tie.

One press to turn on and one press to turn off.

CHARGING – Will be needed every 24 hours of solid use.

As pictured, the Mini USB plugs into your product through the tiny button hole. Then into any powered USB port for charging.

When your device is charging, a red light will appear near the port. When fully charged, a blue light will appear and the charging stops.

BATTERY – NEVER poke, puncture, bend or burn the battery.

If the charging indicator light flickers and when unplugged the fabric won’t illuminate the battery might be compromised.

Pocket Squares

The Pocket Square can adjust in height from 5″ to 7″ by folding just above the label.

Glowing Bow Tie

The Glowing Bow Tie can be adjusted in length 14″- 19″ by sliding the glider over the strap.

If you need more or less of an adjustment, contact us and we have some suggestions to help, but as of now, we can accommodate the majority of our customers with this size.

ADJUSTING - The bow and knot can be adjusted at the fabric, but we advise against pulling or tugging at the wires inside.

If you adjust while it’s on your neck, be careful to not pull or tug at the electronics, and avoid squeezing the center knot of the tie excessively.

Both the Glowing Pocket Square and Bow-tie are durable and these are purely suggestions to keep it safe and working for years to come!