Included with your purchase: The Hat, a Foam Holder and charging cable. 

Upon arrival ensure everything is included and give it a visual inspection for any damage from shipping. Contact us right away with any issues.  See warranty & returns 

On & Off:  A small push button switch under the rim of the hat can be turned on or off while wearing. The switch is indicated by a neon sticker on the outside top of the hat. (peal off after delivery).  The button, just under the sticker, is facing up toward the top of the hat.


A dimmer dial is located near the front of the hats near where the lighted embellishments are.  Use the dial to adjust your lighting accordingly.

Re-Charging : Unless otherwise stated our hats use a 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery that will give you at least 12 hours of full brightness on a single charge. To recharge plug the mi

Sizing The Fit : 

Included in each order are foam inserts to be used as "sizers" inside of the headband area to help get the ultimate fit!  

How to use them:

Hold the hat with two hat with two hands on your head to locate where it needs extra padding.  Wiggle it around to ensure you've felt where all the gaps are.  Cut the included foam insert to the desired length, flip the sweatband down, place the foam in and flip the band back over.  Check the fit and repeat until it is perfectly snug on your head.  I

*If for any reason you require more foam we recommend EVA craft foam (can be found at your local craft stores)

Storing and Caring :

Each order includes a foam holder.  Always use the holder when storing your hat.  Clean off any dust or dirt before storage by using a damp rag. If the individual gems need cleaning be very gentle and use a q-tip. 

If the hat becomes wet at any point make sure to turn off the lights IMMEDIATELY.  Batteries are not waterproof and any water damage is NOT covered under warranty.  

Charge your battery completely before storing to help lengthen the battery life.  Do not crush, bend or puncture the battery.  

Trouble Shooting :