LED Necklace & Jewelry

Care for your LED Jewelry and you're always GOOD TO GLOW

Our LED Jewelry and Necklaces are made from a quality nickle free metal cast, shiny crystals and stones and illuminated with seamlessly infused electronics and tiny hidden batteries.

The 2 styles of batteries offered are Re-chargeable 3.7V Lithium Ion and Coin Cell CR2032; Indicated in the listing.  Depending on which your items has one coin cell battery is included or a charging cable.

When you first receive your item familiarize yourself with its functions and how to care for it. 

  • Ensure that it's fully charged or you have replacement batteries before using. (One USB cable or One CR2032 included).  All items are made to give you at least 12 hours of glow on a single FULL charge or NEW battery. 
  • Loose Stones? check in the bag for loose stones. (If you have loose stones contact us and we will send you a small tube of E6000: our preferred glue. Superglue also works)
  • Wear it normal but be mindful of the electronics and wiring. Don't twist or pull causing the jewelry to bend nu-natural or repeated  


Re-chargeable Batteries

Turn On/Off -  The push button on/off is located near the battery and/or label with logo.  

Charge Battery - One charge of the battery will last 12+ hours of solid use on a full charge.  Make sure you charge your item when you first get it, and keep it fully charged when storing.  (Just like your cell phone the longer you leave it flat the less charge it will hold)


Red =  Charging

Blue =  Full




  • Always keep the battery charged up, especially when storing.
  • Avoid bending, poking or exposing the battery to excessive heat.
  • Gently push/pull the cable in and out of the port for charging.
  • Don't twist or crease the jewelry to avoid the LED wires from breaking. 



Coin Cell Battery CR2032 - 20mm 

One battery is included with your purchase and will last for a full nights use before needing replaced.



To remove the battery use tweezers / needle nose pliers to pull OR

 Something to push the battery out of the metal cage.


 Avoid stretching this thin metal holder by removing it straight out, and NOT pulling up and away.




Flickering or sensitive lights

The most common issue with the coin cell holder is the thin metal cage becomes too loose to hold it properly.  If your battery needs to be halfway out to turn on or flickers when in use, try this simple process.



1)  Remove the battery from the holder.
2)  VERY gently squeeze the middle of the cage to slowly press it to bow inward.  This will hold the battery tight and allow you turn on without issues. 

 If the issue persists please let us know within 30 days of arrival please contact us to get your return started.