LED Jewelry Product Care

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Light up Jewelry operation and Care are covered on this page, but if you need further assistance shoot us an email!


Silver Baroness, Cable and Self Stick Padding

We utilize 2 types of batteries in our Light Up Jewelry; 1) built in re-chargeable OR 2) coin cell replaceable battery. Basic care is the same for both but separate power operation.   

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Protecting the LED Wiring - The movable sections of our jewelry has been restricted to keep the thin LED wires from breaking.

 If the wires are cut only the lights past the break will stop.  

Adding Foam Padding - Included with every purchase is a thin soft foam strip with self adhesive backing.  Use scissors to cut this strip in the desired shape and size to then place on any sharp or poking areas of the jewelry.  


Getting it wet - The jewelry is low voltage and will NOT shock you!  Sweat, rain and water won't affect the use, but water can rust connections, jump rings and chains.  It's best to dry off the jewelry if it gets wet, but all pieces are completely waterproof.  

Adjusting Length of Chain - All our chains are locking lobster claw clasps.  If you require extra chain length please contact us before shipping and we can include with your item.  It's safe to remove any exes chain with wire snips if needed.  



Built in Rechargeable Battery 

Charging The Battery Included with the rechargeable is a short Mini USB plug.  Plug the LED Jewelry into any powered USB Port and the red indicator light will turn on right next to the plug in.  When it's fully charged the light will turn blue and turn off.  

Use two hands to unplug and avoid tugging and pulling of the port when it's plugged in.  


Turn On/OffThe switch(s) located near the battery.  The rechargeable items have a tiny round push button, and some products there are even 2 buttons for each color LED.   The coin battery has a small black slide on the bottom of the battery cage. 

 Don't Crush or Bend the battery or the necklace for that matter.  If you are used to just tossing your jewelry into a bag then treat this better.  Lay it flat, avoid over bending and causing stress to the wires and/or battery.  If the metal bends stones might pop out.  We have recommendations for replacing stones below. 


Replaceable Coin Cell Battery 

Coin Cell Battery CR2032 - 20mm - One battery is included with your purchase.  You can buy replacements almost anyplace including our website. 

ON/OFF - Below the battery holder is a tiny black slide.  




Coin cell NOT turning on?  Try this... 

1)  Make sure the battery isn't flat and needs replacing. 

2) Ensure that it's placed in the correct way.  Positive (+) should be facing up. 

3) With the switch ON slowly push the battery out of the cage to see if the change in position turns it on.  Use an object like a pencil, pen, screwdriver or tweezers to push the battery.   Sometimes the battery will need to be halfway out of the cage to get the connection right.  

 Having an issue with the coin cell item turning off or flickering?  

1)  Remove the battery from the holder, and check that nothing is blocking the connection. 
2)  VERY gently squeeze the middle of the cage to bow inward.  This should hold the battery tighter.     
If the issue persists please let us know within 30 days of arrival please contact us to get you a replacement.  

Stone fell out in shipping? 

We carefully assemble, package and check each piece to ensure all stones will arrive in place.  Unfortunately from time to time a stone will become loose.  If your item arrives with a loose or missing stone please message us right away and we will mail a small tube of glue so it can be replaced.  

1) Loose stones are NOT covered under the 30 day warranty.  

2) It's not unusual for them to become loose and there is no way of preventing this all the time.  

3) If a stone need to be replaced we recommend using Clear E6000 adhesive.