Light-Up Headdress Product Care

All Headdresses have a tiny Re-Chargeable Battery and On/Off Switch built in.  Hidden from sight, they can be tough to locate at first, but once found they can easily be turned On and Off while wearing.   

What's Included? 

Built-in 3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery, Charging Port, 18" Charging Cable and Foam Headdress Holder.   

How it Works! 

When fully charged ALL our designs are designed to GLOW from Dusk Till Dawn on a single charge.  Some stay lit longer but none less than 12 hours.   

Locate the battery, charging port and power switch - Usually on the right side of the head, indicated by a removable hanging garment tag.  

Charge the battery when you get it by plugging the cable into any powered USB, and the Mini USB into the Headdress port. 

RED light near the connection will indicate it's charging, BLUE when it's full.

Turn it On or Off by pressing the small round button on the battery and listen for the click.   

To adjust the fit of your headpiece; untie the elastic strings in the back, place it loosely on your head and re-tie the strings to the desired fit.  (This works best with someone helping) 

Adding or removing padding can help improve the fit, and reshaping the leather is also an option. Read Tips Below

**Before you do any modification please contact us to ensure no damage to the structure or internal electronics.  

Caring & Storing 



Tips & Troubleshooting 

Wire Frame Bases - If the shape of the headpieces is off, light adjustments can be made by applying pressure and bending the wire inside the base. 


Trims/Rhinestones and other "extras"