LED Parasols Product Care

We offer 2 types of LED lighting on our Parasols; Color Changing and Ultra Violet 

How to use the battery holder elastic strap On/Off location:

Your parasol takes 8 AA batteries that are hidden within the handle.  To remove the battery holder make sure the elastic strap is not pulled around the bottom.  The square cap will pop off and the battery holder will come out.  Put in 8 AA batteries and reinsert the battery pack into the handle and snap the cap back on.  

Pull the elastic around the cap to ensure that it stays secure and in place.  

You will find a small button near the top of the battery pack section of the handle, that is your on/off toggle.



The LED's can be turned on and off from either the closed or open position.  

To open your parasol push the wood runner-up to the top until it snaps into place above the top spring.  (**NOTE: sometimes the metal stopper gets stuck, you will have to manually pull it out to ensure that the runner is locked into place at the top of the pole. )**

To close the parasol push in on the top metal spring to release the runner back towards the handle.

Care Storing and Cleaning

Although these parasols are similar to umbrellas they are NOT waterproof and should not get wet.  There are wires within it that can short and water damage is NOT covered in our warranty.

Before storing take out your battery pack and remove the batteries from the holder (keeping batteries in for long periods of time can corrode the batteries and the connection points)

Clean off any excess dust or debris to help keep the colors shining brightly. We suggest using a damp rag.

After the batteries have been removed close the parasol and store flat or standing as long as there is not any weight on it.  There should never be any pressure applied tot he LED strips themselves.

Trouble Shooting

Not turning on?

Double check that you have all the batteries placed in the correct direction.