Repair Program

Having an issue with your product? Follow these steps!

  1. Turn OFF or unplug the battery right away! 

  2. Don’t wear it & Contact us right away!

Some items are simple fixes that we can walk you through. but other items require you to ship it back to us for repairs. 

Our maintenance and repair program is for items that have been worn so hard they don't work the same anymore.  We can often fix or replace the damages for a fraction of the price as a new one.  You pay for shipping both ways and repair cost. 

Not all items are repairable but some that are covered under our repair program are.

Help us by having the following information available

  1. What’s you’re invoice # and purchase date?
  2. What’s the issue? How did it happen?  
  3. Can you take a photo or video of the problem?

Someone from our staff will read the email and see if we can diagnose the issue. If we can make suggestions for repairs yourself we will, but if the issue needs to be resolved here we will have you ship it back to us for further inspection. If we can fix it we will, and we will tell you what the problem was and why it happened.