Covers for Animated LED Boa


This material has been hand selected for the optimal glow factor and designed specifically for our Animated LED Boa; LED Sock.  With zippers at each end just open one side and drop the LED sock through the other side for a perfect fit.  

    • These are 100% Faux fur or Nylon materials.  Vegan and allergy free
    • NO Shed make these Leave No Trace friendly 
    • 68" of fine hand selected fabric, perfect for light diffusion 
    • Quality hand made in small batches in USA.  

Rabbit - White Short Pile fur, and soft as rabbit or mink. Good for warmer nights cause the fur is so short!

Grizzly - 1.5" puffy white fur, it's so soft and fluffy it feels like a ultra plush teddy bear! Great for keeping warm on a cold night!

Mammoth - 3" long shaggy almost dreadlocked nap. It's very thin despite the longer pile, so it's a good option for warm nights when you love the glow of the fur.

Rainbow - Medium pile fur, this white base and rainbow frosted tip fur is thick and will keep you toasty, but wow the rainbow LED's combined with the fur... WOW! 

Arctic Bird - Super dope option when Faux Fur isn't what you want. The many rows of rip stop nylon leafs and extra wide cut make this a fun option for all weather, and creates a really nice glowing affect with the silhouettes from the fringe.