Glow LED Bow Tie and Pocket Square Set


With A Simple Press Our Glow LED Bow Tie and Pocket Square Set creates a tasteful ambient glow.

These look like any other fine bow-tie or pocket square, but a press of the button both of these LED accessories come to LIGHT.  With an elegant fabric, seamless finish and a smooth rechargeable glow these LED clothing accessories are the finest of their kind and will retain their spot in your wardrobe forever.

A bold NEW spin on a tasteful classic.

In a world of constantly changing trends, tastefully expressing your wild side is getting harder by the day. Good-to-Glow’s spectacular LED GLOWING Bow-Tie and Pocket Square Set showcases your glowing personality and vibrant sense of style.


Add this one-two punch to your fashion arsenal, and you can be confident you’ll stand out in a crowd and light up the room!



  • Reusable and rechargeable forever – Every 24 hours of solid use these have a hidden charging port to access tiny lithium ion battery (cable included), allowing you to use the same accessories time and again!
  • Thin, light and seamless – when turned off, this product blends into any formal wear, unlike those cheap party-store gimmicks! Wear Lit-up or as a regular accessory.
  • Easy to clean and maintain – just spot-clean with a damp cloth;
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee – every product is shipped functionally perfect, you have our promise!
  • Elegance second to none – carefully designed with your brilliance in mind!
  • Excellent for wedding parties, nightclub attire, costume parties or music festivals – or anywhere formal wear ought to be a little more festive. Pick your own occasion!

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