Deluxe Fabric Glowing Bow-tie & Pocket Square Set

This isn't the only way to stand out at your next event... It's just the BEST way!


    These unique and bold fabrics will cast a stunning glow with silhouetted patterns of Red or Purple bandana inspired print!|

    + Turn them ON or OFF while wearing

    + Always perfectly folded they fit all sized pockets and necks

    + Thin, lightweight and seamless it looks and feels like an ordinary fabric until you press the button.

    + Built in rechargeable battery lasts many uses before needing a charged.

    + Wear these Day and Night for any occasion.


    Excellent for wedding parties, nightclub attire, costume parties or music festivals – or anywhere formal wear ought to be a little more festive. Pick your own occasion!


    Ideal for staff of upscale dark environments where locating staff is important but keeping good style is critical.


    Available in larger quantities as well.

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