Glow LED Pocket Square Silver Filigree Print


The Glow LED Pocket Square Specialty Fabrics is made with deep, rich illuminated brocade silk material with prints and unique features.

This isn't the only way to stand out at your next event... It's the BEST way!

These bright printed fabrics are the most unique and detailed prints we offer. They are a fine brocade print fabric that silhouettes the various filigree, paisley and other prints through these detailed garments.

Seeking a bold flair addition to a traditional classic? Look no further than Good-to-Glow’s spectacular GLOWING Pocket Square 100% guaranteed to showcase your glowing personality and vibrant sense of style.

Let’s face it, my friend… it’s getting harder by the day to tastefully express your wild side…

Get the Pocket Square in your fashion arsenal, however, and you can be confident and sure you’ll stand out at your next event.



  • Reusable and rechargeable forever – Every 24 hours of solid use these have a hidden charging port to access tiny lithium ion battery (cable included), allowing you to use the same accessories time and again!
  • Thin, light and seamless – when turned off, this product blends into any formal wear, unlike those cheap party-store gimmicks! Wear Lit-up or as a regular accessory.
  • Easy to clean and maintain – just spot-clean with a damp cloth; read Product Care Instructions.
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee – every product is shipped functionally perfect, you have our promise!
  • Elegance second to none – carefully designed with your brilliance in mind!
  • Excellent for wedding parties, nightclub attire, costume parties or music festivals – or anywhere formal wear ought to be a little more festive. Pick your own occasion!

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