Glowing Hand Jewelry | LED Stones


Brand: GoodToGlow

Glowing LED Bracelet Jewelry That's Tiny, Simple, Brilliantly Illuminated Perfect For DAY or NIGHT!

The stones are are seamlessly illuminated with a perfect ambient glow that you can easily switch ON or OFF while wearing. During the day it's a classy jewelry accent piece, but at night it becomes a fun, unique and beautiful way to stand out! For a complete look check out our full line of LED Jewelry.



  • Clear AB Crystals on Silver Metal Frame
  • Blue & Purple Crystals on Gunmetal Metal Frame


+ One size fits all - chain with lobster claw clasp.

+ Nickel Free Metal Frame - Durable construction and won't irritate sensitive skin

+ Turn them ON or OFF while wearing

+ One Coin Cell Battery Lasts 24+ Hours (Includes 1 - MORE HERE)*



The stone arrangement is 3"x 2" weights just 2 ounces 9" adjustable chain.  

Battery requirements - One CR2032 coin cell battery will last about 24 hours. 

These ship in 3 days, you pick shipping options at checkout.  

30 Day warranty doesn't cover lost stones or broken chains.  Product Care & Instructions