The Queens Hand | light up hand bracelet

Thin, lightweight and perfectly illuminated it's an elegant and fun way to stand out.


    Are you the type of person who enjoys standing out in a crowd?  Does the extra attention and compliments feel good?  Well if you're ready to GLOW brilliant and be noticed by everyone... this is it.   


    3 color options sold (1) single or set (2)

    + Looks amazing Day and Night - NO exposed wires

    + Perfectly illuminated ambient glow.

    + Lightweight and comfortable

    + Can be turned On or Off while wearing

    + Stays Lit from Dusk Till Dawn - 12+ hours of full illumination.

    + One coin cell battery lasts 12+ hours of use.

    One coin cell battery included. ADD more HERE!


    The chain adjusts from 11"

    Crystal set is 2" by 3" and weighs just 1 ounce.





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