Glowing LED Fairy Light Full Length Tutu


This full length tutu is lined with hundreds of Fairy LED's  diffused through various layers of sewn in tulle and organza the illumination of these gowns is often called a fairy light because of the tinker bell glow.

We are experts of Lighting and Designing functional couture garments that look amazing lit up or in broad daylight.  No visible wires or LED's our Tutus have comfortable linings and elastic waistband. 

The LED's are all connected to one re-chargeable power bank and can be turned on or off with push of the button. 

You Pick the
* Color
* Size (waist and length)
* Lighting colors
* Additional items (bows, lighting programing and more)
* Lot's of trim and detail options.  

-  We DO NOT take a Christmas lights and just attach them around a pre-made tutus.  Our process for illuminating clothing is what makes Illuminated Couture one of the leaders in the E-textile industry.  

Compare our work to others, and the difference is noticeable.

*Product is made to order with 2 weeks till delivery

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