Light Up Jewelry Bib | The Baroness


Brand: GoodToGlow

The Baroness a high collar metal choker with gothic inspired design.  


  • Nickel Free Metal Frame & Chain - Fits all sizes and won't irritate sensitive skin
  • Never replace the battery - Tiny hidden re-chargeable battery lasts 12+ hours
  • Turn it On or Off while wearing with a push button switch.
  • Wears like any other necklace, but just push the button and you're Good To Glow!


Available in TWO color options

Gunmetal -  With crystal clear stones and a darker tone metal frame the gems and field are all illuminated with a white LED. 

Gold - AB stones glisten a little more color to this gold metal frame.  The entire piece is illuminated with a warm yellow gold glow to both the field and gems. 



The Neck Chain is adjustable from 21" down
Jewelry bib is 8"long x 8"wide & weights just 9 ounces

Lithium Ion Battery with mini USB charging port and charging cable included.  

These ship in 3 days, you pick shipping options at checkout.  

30 Day warranty doesn't cover lost stones or broken chains. Care & Instructions HERE