Glowing Black and White Warrior Headband


Glowing LED Orbs on each side of the soft fabric Headband.

Springs of Glowing Fiber Optics hidden in a colorful selection of colored rooster feathers.  12-14" long these feathers and strands of light bounce around when dancing the night away! 

Then simply plug in the built-in battery and a few hours later it's ready for another full night of use. 

Made in the USA, by passionate artists with LOVE and attention to detail.

Much like the Illuminated Warrior Design....

... But Lighter and more flexible this design has:

  • Custom LED Orbs
  • 60' of GLOWING Fiber Optics
  • Seamless design built in battery, rechargeable and push button on/off
  • Cool prints, colors, and layout making this the most affordable option we offer! 

Backed by our 60-day warranty and a lifetime in our Maintenance and Repair Program.

One more reason with us You're Always Good To Glow!

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