Glowing LED Necklace | Countess


The Countess LED crystal necklace with cross shaped pendant design comes in two distinct colors. 

The 3 gems in the center with long spired stones give this timeless elegant design an impressive look day or night.  When not illuminated the numerous crystal gems shine and sparkle from various angles, but a simple press of the button an amazing explosion of pink and purple illuminations bring this piece to LIGHT


  • Nickel Free Metal Frame & Chain - Fits all sizes and won't irritate sensitive skin
  • Never replace the battery - Tiny hidden re-chargeable battery lasts 12+ hours
  • Turn it On or Off while wearing with a push button switch.
  • Wears like any other necklace, but just push the button and you're Good To Glow!

Available in TWO color options

Rose AB Stones - lighter in color the silver metal frame is crusted with Rose/Pink AB (aurora borealis) crystals.  AB stones change colors slightly as your light and angles vary.  When illuminated the stones are a purple tone and the main body of the bib is cast with a pink tint.  

Dark Rainbow AB - The deep tones of Green, Purple and Black make this much darker when not lit, but changing angles and ambient lighting affects these stones very much.  The illuminations on this design are 3 distinct LED colors giving you variations of Pink, Purple and Dark Purple.  


The Neck Chain is adjustable from 21" down
Jewelry bib is 9"long x 7"wide & weights just 9 ounces

Lithium Ion Battery with mini USB charging port and charging cable included.  

These ship in 3 days, you pick shipping options at checkout.  

30 Day warranty doesn't cover lost stones or broken chains. Care & Instructions HERE