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Standing in the hot sun can dull your glow, so be colorful and stay in the shade all day; then be the brightest person around at night!

Day or Night You're Always Good To Glow.

A kaleidoscope of bright colors and hand painted UV reactive patterns line each cotton lace canopy.  Lined with 60 of the brightest Ultra Violet LEDs when illuminated there is an explosion of geometric shapes, textures and mandalas that react to UV/Black-light. Each parasol is as unique and individual as we are!  

Find your match and bring it home before someone else does.     


  • Quality 33" bamboo shaft with a steel frame.  Fully functioning open and close lace canopy.
  • Brightest & Most Colorful - 60 of the brightest UV LED's manufactured.
  • True 405nm Ultra Violet LED's - Blacklight reacts all neon and UV reactive paint and clothing.  
  • Push Button ON/OFF -  Go from day to night with a click of the button.
  • Custom 3-D Printed Battery Holder - No loose battery packs to tape or place in your pocket.
  • Airbrushed with non-toxic Ultra Violet paints. Name brand that won't flake off or crack.

Each Has 60 TRUE UV LED's That Are Insanely Bight! 


The highest quality 100% cotton lace/bamboo parasol we can source.  The canopy is carefully dyed, treated and hand painted with several layers of non-toxic Ultra Violet reactive paint.  The underside is lined with 60 Ultra bright UV LED's that cast the owner in a warming soft glow that really reacts to any neon or UV items.  


Get them now while in stock! 



Each one is designed/made in Las Vegas by the artist and a small team.  Masterfully engineered with 10+ years of experience it's designed to be used and worn without breaking or having issues.  Not just some string of battery powered Christmas lights.  

We use only quality professional paints, no toxic box store paints. 

Warranty Doesn't cover damage to the canopy, frame, handle or bamboo shaft.

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