Ultra Violet Light Up LED Parasol Umbrella


Brand: GoodToGlow

The Brightest and Most Colorful Light Up LED Parasol Available.


    A Beacon of Glowing Light at Night &  Explosion of Vibrant Color During The Day!

    The Ultra Violet LED Parasol at Burning Man 2016 & Dark Studio


    Get them now while in stock! 


    If you want the highest quality and most desirable Light Up Clothing and Accessories made today, then you have found US!  Go with us and You're Good To Glow!


    Hand Painted With Sacred Geometric Patterns

    The highest quality 100% cotton lace/bamboo parasol we can source.  The canopy is then carefully dyed, treated then hand painted in layers upon layers of non-toxic Ultra Violet reactive paint.  Finally the underside is lined with 60 Ultra bright UV LED's that cast a silhouette from the topside while the holder basks in a soft black light glow.    


    Each Has 60 TRUE UV LED's That Are Insanely Bight! 

    We have sourced the BRIGHTEST and most powerful LED manufacture in the world and these are whats used under each canopy.  5 strips permanently attached with waterproofing and tight perfectly measured wiring and placement and simple to use push button On/Off.  The custom designed and molded battery holder is just one of the many reason why when you go with us You're Good To Glow!

    • ONE OF A KIND! No 2 Alike!
    • 33" Bamboo and 100% cotton Lace Parasol
    • Brightest and most powerful LED's on the market
    • TRUE UV Light - Blacklight 405nm
    • Custom molded Battery Holder Handle
    • Fully functioning open and close
    • Made in USA with Artistic Passion!


    Story of the Battery Holder

    To understand the story of the handle you have to appreciate the brightness of the LED's used on it.

    We have sourced the BEST and most POWERFUL LEDs available.  NOT all manufacturers are the same, so locating the RIGHT LED's was no simple task.  Out of 14 sample, only 1 was good enough for these Parasols.

    The LED's we use are TRUE 405nm Blacklights;  They cast an Ultra Violet glow causing ALL UV reactive paints, clothes and accessories to GLOW. 

    To get this amount of GLOW you must use a 12V power supply. 

    Anything lower than 12 volts they will NOT illuminate. 

    Because of this larger power supply, a custom 3-D printed handle was made, a mold was then created so we can inexpensively cast exact replicas of it.  This features houses the batteries in the handle that is then wrapped with a soft neoprene moisture adsorbing tape making it very comfortable to grip and hold. 


    We use only quality professional paints, no toxic box store paints. 

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