Light Up LED Parasol Ultra Violet - Pink/Orange


Standing in the hot sun can dull your glow, so be colorful in the shade all day; then be the bright at night!

  • Each Parasol is handcrafted with it's own unique colors, textures and geometric shapes. Using 75 Ultra Violet L.E.D.s and fluorescent UV reactive paint the NEON colors, shapes and patterns emerge when the lights come on.

    * Bask in a soft blue tone of Ultra Violet reacting neon colors.

    * PERFECT for neon/fluorescent outfits this will make them react.

    * Quality 33" bamboo shaft with a steel frame. Fully functioning open and close lace canopy.

    * Push Button ON/OFF - Go from day to night with a click of the button.

    * Custom 3-D Printed Battery Holder handle with sweat absorbing padding.

    * Airbrushed with non-toxic Ultra Violet paints. Name brand that won't flake off or crack.

    * 60 True 405nm Ultra Violet LED's - Blacklight reacts all neon and UV reactive paint and clothing.

    The glow of these is more about the neon reaction and NOT the brightness of the LED. If you want brighter LED see our other Color Changing LED Parasol HERE.

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