Pink Holographic Rhinestone Captains Hat | Light Up LED Hat


Military Captains Hat With Pink & White Holographic Snake Skin Print, Giant Rhinestones & Glowing LED Centerpiece 


3 different tones of holographic snake skin; a white top to a light purple bottom it has tins of pink throughout this Medium Sized Captains Hat.  

Large unique holographic rhinestones combined with and a custom made center piece that illuminates in 3 different layers of LED lighting will make this a hit Day or Night!  Lighting without any visible wires, or electronics; Perfectly placed and diffused LEDs that just cast a smooth glow that isn't going to Blind anyone.     

  • Tiny hidden re-chargeable battery Lasts 12+ hours on a single charge.  
  • Turn it ON or OFF while wearing; Adjust the brightness of this with dimmer dial.  
  • Comes with a Foam Headpiece Holder to keep it's shape and off the ground.  
  • Money Back if it's not everything we say!*
  • 30 Day warranty from manufacture defects*
  • Lifetime Repair Program to keep you Glowing Bright!**  

Size is 57 cm but can be adjusted down in size with foam inserts.  Weight is 1 lbs. 2 ounces

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** Repairs on electronics and other components that are unique to our designs.  HERE 

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