UV Reactive Suit Hand Painted Suit Black Light Clothing BONUS: LED Umbrella


Hand Painted UV reactive suit

Custom made just for you...

You Pick your colors and design scheme and we construct it exactly to your liking!

We've taken a white suit and gone through a process of fluorescent tie-dye, regular tie dye and many layers of UV reactive fabric paint that is airbrushed on.  The suit comes to life, hidden patterns emerge due to the UV reactive paint, when Ultra Violet Light hits the fabric. 

Everything is 100% HANDMADE, painted and ready to GLOW!

 This package includes 

  • SUIT - BRAND NEW 2 button jacket and pants (Tailored to your size)
  • HAT - Regular top hat
  • BOW-Tie or Neck Tie
  • BELT
  • UMBRELLA - UV LED Umbrella 60 LEGIT 405mn Black Light LED's


IF you provided suit $200 discount... MUST be white cotton suit, no tailoring.

Everything is painted and ready to GLOW!

Shoes are extra - Cost depends on size and style.

Care Instructions: Spot treat with mild soap and cold water or hand wash if necessary with cold water. 

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